ASEAN New Zealand Business Council

in partnership with AUT and Southeast Asia CAPE


Tuesday, 17 September 2019
AUT, Auckland

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ASEAN New Zealand Business Council (ANZBC), AUT University and the SEA CAPE are pleased to bring you a full day Forum, with plenty of relevant speakers, networking opportunities and a cocktail function to conclude the day.  

There is no doubt that ASEAN is seen by the business sector and Government alike as a market of huge opportunity to New Zealand.

The Forum will cover crucial elements of the overall relationship between NZ and ASEAN in general and the business relationship in particular with emphasis on export opportunities and challenges.

Business speakers from ASEAN have been secured to augment keynote local speakers, panelists and moderators. The Prime Minister and Minister of Trade have been invited to contribute.


More about ASEAN

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was founded by five S.E. Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand in 1967. By 1999, they had been joined by Brunei, Viet Nam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

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More about SEA CAPE

The Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPE) was established by the New Zealand government to enhance our engagement with the ten ASEAN member countries and Timor-Leste.

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More about AUT

AUT is a contemporary New Zealand university focusing on student success, research and industry connectivity. AUT is the third largest university in New Zealand, and has established itself as an institution of global standing and impact.

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Background, Who Should Attend & Why

The ASEAN Australia NZ FTA is reaching the milestone of 10 years therefore this forum is a timely opportunity for New Zealand businesses to seek expert advice from keynote speakers on the future directions and issues while also learning about and discussing opportunities for exporters and other businesses in this dynamic region.

Formal engagement between the ASEAN organisation and New Zealand commenced over forty years ago in 1975.And on 31 December 2015, the ASEAN Economic Community (  ) was launched.

With the signing of the high quality ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA)  in 2009,the opportunity arose for New Zealand exporters and importers significantly to benefit from a greater trading relationship with the ten ASEAN nations.

Indeed trade in merchandise goods has increased in the five years since full ratification in excess of New Zealand’s global trade increase in that time, as has investment and services. Now our ASEAN trade is rapidly catching up the EU and will soon be our largest trading region. Airlinks have increased substantially with eight services now operating between New Zealand and ASEAN destinations.

Nonetheless, there is still work to be done on promoting the New Zealand brand in ASEAN and for ASEAN as an entity to make itself better known in New Zealand.

Given the fund of goodwill New Zealand has built up over more than 40 years in South East Asia e.g. military ties, the Colombo Plan and other education initiatives and NZ aid, this leads to the conclusion that we are still not optimising our efforts in ASEAN and that across the ten markets there is still plenty of opportunity.

ASEAN 2019 – Doing Business in ASEAN - Digital. Diverse.

ASEAN 2019 is a Forum exploring how we can leverage from the extensive goodwill we enjoy within the ten South East Asian markets and accelerate our engagement with an economic community of 640 million increasingly prosperous consumers. Trade in both goods and services with ASEAN is increasing and it constantly competes with the EU for NZ’s biggest trading region.

This Forum takes a snapshot of our relationship with ASEAN now, as well as looking forward at the possibilities of future potential and development.  The morning keynotes will set an overview of the ASEAN - NZ political and economic relationship, and how that importantly impacts on the business we do.  The afternoon sessions delve deeper into the sub themes of Digital and Diversity. The Digital session will look at how NZ businesses can best operate across and in ASEAN in an ever-changing digital environment. The Diversity theme will look at how NZ businesses can make more of the opportunities of diversity to impact and improve on our ASEAN trade.  Throughout the Forum we will ask; how we can work together on a practical level to create strong awareness of NZ in ASEAN and ASEAN in NZ.

Why attend?

By attending this wide-ranging Forum you’ll learn about

●        ASEAN’s place in the changing global world

●        Opportunities arising from ASEAN’s current needs and ambition to be self-sufficient

●        The digital drivers specific to ASEAN and those connecting to NZ business

●        The opportunities for NZ business to engage with the diverse ASEAN diaspora in NZ

●        The practical tools to be more effective in ASEAN

●        Overcoming barriers to trade, especially for SMEs

And much, much more to enhance our business engagement in ASEAN

Who should attend?

The qualities and expertise of the speakers, panelists and moderators will attract attendees from senior levels of management and governance, primarily but not exclusively from the following sectors:

·         Exporters and Importers

·         Educational establishments particularly Universities and Polytechs

·         Organisations servicing businesses engaging in ASEAN.

·         NZ residents from ASEAN

·         Potential investors

·         Government agencies engaging in bilateral and multilateral international theatres

·         Students interested in international affairs in general and ASEAN in particular.


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